Hyde Park Insurance Consultants are proud to say that we have dealt with all forms of insurance and we specialise in many departments.

We deal particularly in Antiques and Fine Art, both for Antique Dealers or Private Collections.  We have clients throughout the UK and for those who operate abroad. We also arrange cover for High Value Jewellery Dealers.

An important area is insurance cover on Buildings, whether they are Block of Flats or commercial premises such as Shops, Hotels and Restaurants.  Public and Employers’ Liability is included in these covers.

Directors and Officers’ Insurance can be arranged to cover the liability of those persons who have the responsibility in a company to make decisions which, if unintentionally, may make the company liable in operating of the business.

Solicitors and other professionals that offer advice may require cover for errors and omissions in their work and Professional Indemnity cover is recommended.

In the current world climate, there is the risk of internet infiltration with cyber attacks and computer breakdown and cover can be provided.